Our School Mission, Vision and Values.

At English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy we strive to live out explicitly the Catholic ethos and Mission Statement of our school underpinning all that we do:

"We learn and grow in the footsteps of Jesus."

We are a small family centred school which aims to nurture and develop every pupil that walks through our door . We are also federated with St Augustine’s in Stamford and part of the St Gilbert of Sempringham Multi Academy Trust drawing upon resources and expertise to help us continually look forward providing a centre of excellence for all our pupils. Our aim is to give every child the tools to succeed, providing the skills, opportunities, enjoyment and belief for each individual to reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Our Mission

* To make sure that our school’s Catholic ethos reflects our mission to provide each child and member of our school community with a safe, happy and stimulating environment in which to learn, thrive and flourish. To continue working  in community with our Parish, parents, governors and stakeholders to foster a love of God and His Church through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the love and wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit.

* To give children opportunities to encounter our ‘living faith’ through the celebration of Mass, Collective Worship, Religious Education and through fair, supportive and caring interactions with each other. To ensure that our attitudes and values are transmitted through the curriculum and are consistent with the Catholic faith

* To deliver a curriculum that is relevant, varied, interesting, stimulating, balanced and appropriate to the childrens’ needs centred around our HEART acronym.

* To recognise that R.E is not only a core subject but an integral part of the curriculum

* To ensure that our school community works together with passion to provide a centre of excellence where all can achieve their true potential.

* To inspire our children, staff and our wider community.

* To create memorable moments, friendships and learning expectations that last a lifetime.

Our Values

Our values apply to everyone in the school community and they inform the way we act, what we do and how we achieve our goals. We have pride in making a difference; we continually seek to improve; we take responsibility for what we do; we value our differences; we support one another and we celebrate achievement.Our school values are the Olympic and Paralympic values of respect, friendship, equality, inspiration, excellence, determination and courage. We celebrate these weekly and they help to provide a culture of high expectations and continuing excellence.


Our Strategic Vision is to build upon our strengths and to further improve pupil experiences and achievement through our positive ethos; effective leadership at all levels; committed teachers with an agreed vision for the school; high quality learning and teaching; a clear focus on the learning experiences of the pupils and the standards which they attain; a well-developed system for monitoring and evaluating the quality of provision and a culture of continuous improvement through effective self reflection developing all staff’s professional expertise through well-focused staff development.