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  1. As you can imagine it has been a very hot week in school this week ! I hope you have all been able to enjoy the weather at home and made the most of paddling pools etc !

    I hope some of you have also been able to participate in the virtual school games activities as we have been doing in school.

    The outdoor classroom is still developing and the new floor went in this week, it is looking fantastic and we can’t wait for all our children to have the opportunity to use it in September.

    Please watch out for the parent mail concerning reports and the possibility of a phone call with your child’s class teacher if you wish after you have received the report next Wednesday.

    As staff we are busy starting to plan our curriculum for September thinking about a united topic for all the children to return to and lots of opportunities for engaging the children back into learning together as a class. We are also talking about our priorities for our school improvement plan and trying where possible to secure some dates of events for the new academic year.

    We will produce a brief overview of the dates for the new academic year with some things to be confirmed nearer the time and send this out before the end of the academic year.

    I will also be sending a letter at the beginning of next week  to let you know about class structure for the new academic year.

    Thank you for all your continued hard work towards the home learning and on going support of all our children especially those that are currently not back at school, we really understand how difficult this must be for some of you after such a long time.

    Kind regards,

    Mrs Chambers

  2. A big thank you to all the children that have returned this week, you have all been amazing, we can’t believe how quickly you have adapted to being back in school and we are delighted to have you with us again. Thank you to parents for helping with the smooth dropping off and collecting routines and our one way system is working well. We realise this is not a solution for all our children and we are working hard in the background to look at possible ways of getting more children back into school before the Summer holidays. Please bear with us, we are having to follow very tight guidelines and ensure that we can keep everyone safe, we will let you know  as soon as possible what we can practically do as all staff are desperate to be reunited with their classes as soon as possible.

    Thank you to all the children that have sent in their home learning via dojo or tapestry for the class teachers to look at this week. This continues to wow us every week and we are proud of all your efforts, that includes parents as well!

    I have been able to relook at the plans for the new classroom this week which has been very exciting! We are hoping to start some of the other internal building work to staff toilets, Mr Tranmer’s store room and the current year 6 toilets before the Summer holidays and then we are keeping everything crossed that work on the new classroom may begin during the Summer holidays ! Watch this space!

    End of year reports will come out to parents on Wednesday July 1st slightly earlier than we normally turn around. We also want to give parents the opportunity to have a telephone conversation with class teachers about their individual children should they wish to, and more information about this will be in the accompanying letter to the reports. This opportunity is available after the reports have come out and the letter details days and times available to you. The report format is obviously a lot shorter because of the current education climate and there will be no reporting on attendance this academic year as well as no statutory or teacher assessments taking place at the end of the academic year. Our last formal teacher assessment took place at the end of term 4 ( Lent 2 ).

    Although we will not be able to hold sports week and sports day in the same way Miss Wilkinson will be sending out a letter soon to families to explain how we are going to participate in a schools sports event remotely!

    Please keep contacting us via dojo, tapestry , email or phone, we are here to help support all our children and families and want to keep hearing about all the fantastic things you are doing.

    Mrs Chambers