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  1. I hope everyone enjoyed half term and made the most of the lovely weather especially as we seem to have returned to a typical British summer this week !

    We have been busy this week working with the children that are in school and getting school ready to welcome more children back next week.

    Feedback from other local schools has been really positive and their children have been really excited about returning which is encouraging for us as a school community.

    Home learning will continue to be posted on class dojo and the website for early years and the children will be expected to carry on with this on the days they are not in school please. This will be used in school too on the days the children are in so there is consistency across the week. Please be aware that staff will be physically in school more now and won’t be able to respond in the same way to messages but will do their very best !

    We will include in next week’s newsletter a section on celebration as we would at our weekly assemblies on a Friday. There will be Head teachers awards given for individual children which will be announced in the weekly newsletter and we will also include birthdays. This will include all children those in school and those remaining at home. Please try and let us know about anything outside of school that we need to celebrate too so we can include it.

    Finally just a reminder that the dropping off and picking up of children next week will naturally become more complicated. Please adhere to the timings you have been given and be patient as we will be operating a one way system which everyone will soon become used to ! We have had a practice this week with the key worker children and it has worked well ! A link to a film clip has been sent out to those parents with children returning via parent mail so I am hoping that this will help.

    Have a great weekend and hopefully we will see the return of the sunshine soon !

  2. I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter break and found ways to relax and unwind. I also hope that the time we are all spending together as families has been as positive as it can be, it may not feel like it at times but I am sure all your children are really enjoying the chance to slow down and experience new routines and activities with you. Be kind to yourselves you are all doing an amazing job!

    Thank you for embracing class dojo our new learning platform. I have the privilege of being able to access all the class pages and I have been overwhelmed by the work the children have been sharing and the constant contact between yourselves and staff. The staff really appreciate your constant efforts with keeping on top of the home learning but they are also very mindful that this isn’t always easy and parents are also home working too! As we keep saying the most important message is to keep safe, healthy and laughing!

    On the website we have added a mental health and wellbeing page in the parents section. Ms Tranmer our ELSA teaching assistant will be adding weekly activities for the children to do and there is some really useful information on there for parents in connection with supporting our children through this challenging period. We will keep adding to this.

    I hope you have all been able to get involved in the sponsored events to raise money for the NHS, we have been doing them in school too and hopefully we can get an idea of a whole school amount raised.

    School life for us as staff is still busy, we are all getting used to weekly meetings held remotely and conference calls as well as teaching from home. Staff are also taking this opportunity to embark on new training online that will impact on our practice when we eventually return. Daily government updates are certainly keeping me busy!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us either through class dojo, by email or phone during the school day, we are here to help in any way we can.

    Stay safe and enjoy this time together before we all return to the normalities of everyday life !

    Kind regards,

    Mrs Chambers.