Click on each topic to see the RE Knowledge organisers, split into year groups.

EYFS – Friends/ Good News/ Islam/ Our World

Year 1 – Being Sorry / Holidays and Holy Days / Neighbours / Sikhism

Year 2 Hinduism / Rules / Spread the Word / Treasure

Year 3 Choices / Energy / Islam / Special Places

Year 4 Building Bridges / God’s People / New Life / Sikhism

Year 5Freedom & Responsibility / Hinduism / Stewardship / Transformation

Year 6Common Good / Healing / Islam / Witnesses

RE Assessment

We assess our children in RE using the Nottingham Diocese End of Year Expectations document, which uses key driver words for each year group. We make use of external and internal moderation opportunities to ensure the quality of teacher’s judgments, as well as half-termly book scrutinies to ensure work is engaging and is sufficiently challenging for all pupils.

During the academic year, two other faiths are also taught; during the Advent term we learn about Judaism and during the Pentecost term, we discover more about another world religion such as Islam, Sikhism or Hinduism.

Each term, parents receive an information sheet that details what the pupils will cover as well as some suggested activities that can be done at home to support pupils.

For more information about RE teaching at English Martyrs, please take a look at the Parent Booklet.

Click here to view our three year assessment planner and here for our end of year expectations document.