Week commencing

Our key learning this week: 

Welcome to Early Years! We hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and is looking forward to starting school. For the first week or so we will concentrate on settling the children in to school and getting them used to routines and the structure of the day. There will be lots of familiar activities, painting, drawing, building and role play. We will be reading lots of stories and giving the children the oppotunity to share what they got up to over the summer.

 A reminder that Thursday 30th and Friday 31st will be a 12pm finish and the week commencing the 3/9/18 will be a 1pm finish. 

Must do at home, please: (reviewed termly)

You may want to look at these sites/information in order to help when you are looking at the letters/sounds with your child.

For help with sound pronunciation-


To help with letter formation, this is a list of the letters and the rhyme to go with each as your child forms the letter.

Additional ways to support your child:

Read Write Inc.

We use the phonics scheme Read Write Inc. at English Martrys.  This PowerPoint presentation explains how it works.

Please click here for worksheets to help with formation of letters to practice with your child at home. 

Early learning goals

Early learning goals information for parents can be found here.

As many of you are aware we are currently using the Maths Mastery approach when teaching Numeracy in Early Years and we thought it might be helpful to show you a short lesson that demonstrates some of the techniques and strategies we use when teaching Numeracy to the children. Although this particular lesson was filmed last year with the current Year 1 children it is a good example of a typical maths lesson. If any of you would like to find out more about Maths Mastery, we will be running a short workshop towards the end of January - (dates to follow).

The password to view the video is Oakham.