Week commencing 14.10.19

This week we are continuing to look at Autumn and we will be reading 'Leaf Man'. We will be making leaf puppets, conker rolling and making salt dough leaf decorations. In Maths we will be playing skittles and using dominoes and ladybirds to make numbers up to four.

To remind everyone - We now have a phonics games borrowing box in the classroom. You are welcome to borrow any of the games which we will also be playing at school. Just fill in the borrowing book and bring them back after a few days. Any questions - feel free to ask at drop off/pick up.

Week commencing 7.10.19

This week we will begin to think about the changing of the seasons and look at Autumn and the changes it brings. We will be doing lots of autumn related crafts and learning about animals who hibernate. In maths we will be moving on to the number four and what numbers make up four. We will also be learning about the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes.

  The Briars youth team will also be visiting school on 9th October to run workshops with children on Discipleship. Families are welcome to join us for a special liturgy at 2.30pm. Early Years will be listening to stories about the Apostles John and James the Greater  and will be producing a piece of art to take to the Liturgy.

We will be introducing the Chatty Bag this week. It is a small backpack that will go home with the children and that evening they can choose a special item to bring in the following day to share with the rest of the class. This can be a toy, book, photo or anything the children would like to share. Nothing too precious though!

This week we will continue to think about our local environment. On Tuesday we are visiting Oakham library and taking part in a story session there and hopefully, if the weather allows, we will be taking a trip to the park near the school.

In Maths we will be lookng at numbers 3 and 4. We will be ordering numbers and learning how to represent 3 and 4 in different ways.

The children have been learning our Talk for writing story - The Sleepy Bumblebee. They have done so well and can re-tell most of the story themselves using the actions we have learnt.

Finally, a reminder of the Phonics Workshop on the evening of Thursday 3rd at 6.

Week commencing 23.9.19

This week we are looking at the world around us. We shall be learning about living in Oakham, looking at maps of Oakham and thinking about where Oakham is in the world. In Maths we will be moving on to the number 2 and practicing touch counting. Maggie will be coming in to sing with us on Monday morning and hopefully we will be doing some more baking on Thursday. 

We are slowly starting to send reading books home, don't worry if your child hasn't received one yet, they will do soon.

Week commencing 16.9.19

This week we are continuing out All about me topic. We will be painting portraits, making posters of our favourite things on the ipad and measuring our heights. In maths we will be starting our Maths Mastery program and looking at zero and the number one. In Phonics we shall be listening to instrumental sounds and playing our own instruments.

This week we will be sending the Chatty Bag home. The Chatty Bag is a small rucksack which the children will take home. In it they can put something they want to share with the rest of the class and bring it in the following day. This can be anything, it doesn't have to be a toy, a favourite book or a special momento. Just nothing breakable please. We will choose a different child every day.

We will attempt to do PE this week. We may not get completely changed but if you could make sure the children have trainers in school please.

Week commencing 2.9.19

Welcome to Early Years! I hope everyone has had a fun and relaxing summer and the children are all ready to start their school journey. This week we will be concentrating on settling the children in to school. Getting used to the routines and getting to know each other. Remember school starts at 8.45 and for this week only will finish at 1pm.

Here is our curriculum plan for the first half term. Our topic this term is broad and flexible to take on board the ideas of the children as their learning progresses. The curriculum plan will show you the objectives we will be working on in each area for this term.

Further information on how to support your child's learning will follow.

Here is our Knowledge Organiser for RE for this term.

As many of you are aware we are currently using the Maths Mastery approach when teaching Numeracy in Early Years and we thought it might be helpful to show you a short lesson that demonstrates some of the techniques and strategies we use when teaching Numeracy to the children. Although this particular lesson was filmed last year with the current Year 1 children it is a good example of a typical maths lesson. If any of you would like to find out more about Maths Mastery, we will be running a short workshop towards the end of January - (dates to follow).

The password to view the video is Oakham.