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Our mathematics curriculum is based on the Maths Mastery approach where children are taught as a whole class with scaffolding provided where necessary and pre teaching to ensure that all children can access the curriculum.

Concepts are taught in small steps through a clear lesson structure which includes warm up the brain, new learning, and development of this new learning through fluency, reasoning and problem solving. A typical maths mastery lesson is led by the teacher, with all of the pupils in the class working together on the same tasks at the same time.

Children use objects and pictures to physically represent mathematical concepts (the concrete > pictorial > abstract approach), alongside numbers and symbols – for example, using Lego bricks to add and subtract numbers. This helps them visualise abstract ideas, and as they become more proficient, they will gradually stop relying on physical props. The pace of the lessons is brisk, with teachers constantly asking questions about their thinking and inviting pupils to demonstrate solutions on the board.



Year 5 learn about the relationships between the numerator and denominator when identifying equivalent fractions.