Our Staff


The Headteacher at English Martyrs is Mrs Alison Chambers. 

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Senior Leadership Team at English Martyrs

Mrs Cara Topping teaches Year 3 & 4 and is the Subject leader for R.E. 

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Mr Jeff Hodgson teaches Year 6 and is the Subject Leader for KS2 English, History and Geography. 

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Mrs Catherine Scott teaches Year 4 & 5 and is the Subject Leader for IT. Mrs Scott also holds the position of SENDCo.

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Miss Sian Humphreys teaches Year 2 and is the Subject Leader for Maths and Assessment.

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Teaching Staff

Mrs Long teaches in Early Years Foundation Stage and is the EYFS lead as well as being a member of the staff well-being committee.

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Miss Wilkinson teaches Year 1 and is the subject leader for PE and KS1 English.

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Mrs Waugh job shares with Mrs Long in Early Years and covers in Y 4/5 on a Thursday morning.  She is the subject co-ordinator for Science.

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Teaching Support Staff

                                                                               Miss Georgina Miller(1:1 TA) (Breakfast Club Assistant) (KIA club assistant)

Support Staff

Mrs Karen Emmerson (Senior Administrator)

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Mrs Marianne Valiente (Clerical Assistant) (Clerk to Governors)

Mrs Dinella Mulholland (Midday Supervisor)

Mr Steve Tranmer (Premises Officer)

Mrs Sarah Barkley (Midday Supervisor) (Breakfast Club Assistant) (KIA club assistant)

Mrs Jessica Tyers (Breakfast Club Assistant)

                                                                          Mrs Amy Askew (Midday Supervisor) (KIA Afterschool club Manager)