School Council

The school council meet weekly to discuss school projects with the Head Teacher. They have made suggestion boxes for the classrooms so that the children in their year groups can contribute their ideas to school projects. 

On British Values Day they put together a persuasive argument for an area of school development that they felt passionate about, the children across the school voted for their favourite one which was to ensure we all recycle more effectively. This has resulted in a recycling bin going into the school hall at lunch time for waste from packed lunches and also one into the staff room. Further recycling bins are being looked at in classrooms and more projects involving recycled items are planned across the school. 

School council have also helped to put together a filmed interview during aspirations week for the website on careers they wish to pursue in the future to help inspire other children. Further projects around our route to resilience curriculum, playground design and pupil questionnaires around homework and learning are planned this term.