Textiles Exhibition

Whole school collaborative textiles project

As part of our recovery curriculum we wanted to use creativity and imagination to help the children process and discuss any feelings they had about the pandemic and lockdown.

We decided to focus on textiles and to create a collaborative project in each class using individual pieces.  Children were given the opportunity to learn about how artists express their emotions and process feelings through art. They learnt to research and develop their own ideas to produce a personal piece of work connected to their experiences of lockdown.

As the whole school focused on textiles, it was a great opportunity to see how the children’s skills in sewing and collage progressed through the school.

We were hoping to hold a physical exhibition for parents and the community to visit but because of current circumstances we were unable to, so we hope you enjoy looking at the children's art below. Click on the images to view in full.


We made a happiness flower garden using felt, card and paper to make a flower collage.

"I liked putting my flower with all the others to make a collage" Henry.




Year 1

Year 1 made puppets to help them show their emotions. 

"My puppet felt sad when I did"



Year 2

The children in Year 2 drew a design, cut pieces of felt and then sewed them on using running stitch. Thanks to Mrs McKay for her patience and help for all of the children during this project.


"The children loved it" Miss Humphreys.

"I got better at sewing, stitching and threading my own needl










Year 3

Year 3 came up with amazing designs for their artwork.

"The final piece was beautiful" Mrs Topping

"It was calm and relaxing" Samuel




Year 4

All of the children learnt at least one new stitch with some children able to teach other children.  Some children managed to incorporate running, back and cross stitch in their final piece.

"I did worry that others would say things about me being upset during lockdown but I like that we can talk more about our feelings this year compared to last year"

Year 5

Year 5 Used Batik to create their collage using words that they associated with lockdown.

"I’m looking forward to building on the children's skills year on year" Mrs Scott

Year 6

Y6 enjoyed creating their designs using sewing, batik and knitting.