School Council Quotes: What is special about our school? 

"Knowing everybody, Excellent teaching, Fun learning, Our second home, No bullying"

Our Mission Statement

At English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy we strive to live out explicitly the Catholic ethos and Mission Statement of our school underpinning all that we do:

"We grow and learn as a family, following in the footsteps of Jesus."

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to nurture resilient, confident and responsible children, who develop a lifelong love of learning ,with Christ at the centre of all they do.

We will achieve this by:

  • Creating memorable moments, friendships and learning experiences that last a lifetime.
  • Making sure that our school’s Catholic ethos reflects our mission to provide each child and member of our school community with a safe, happy and stimulating environment in which to learn, thrive and flourish. To continue working together with our Parish, parents, governors and stakeholders to foster a love of God and His Church through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.
  • By ensuring that our faith, attitudes and values are transmitted through the curriculum and are part of our daily lives.· 
  • By delivering a curriculum that is relevant, varied, interesting, stimulating, balanced and appropriate to the children’s needs.
  • By encouraging enquiring minds and a love of learning as well as exposing the children to inspiring learning experiences to grow aspirations for the future. 

School Values

Our values are represented in our acronym for the word resilience. Our values apply to everybody in the school community and they inform the way we act, what we do and how we achieve our goals. We have pride in making a difference; we continually seek to improve; we take responsibility for what we do; we value our differences; we support one another and we celebrate achievement. 

R Respect ourselves, one another and our school property.

E Excellence in all we do

S Show kindness to yourself and others

I Inspire and be inspired

L Love learning 

I Involve others

E Everyone valued 

N No giving up

C Curiosity and creativity

E Enjoy a challenge and take a risk! 

Gospel values: hope, compassion, love, discipleship, faith, forgiveness and justice.