Year 1

Week Beginning Monday 30th March

The Bog Baby

Have a listen to me read The Bog Baby.

Home Learning:

Dear Parents

I have added grids below for the children to choose what activities they would like to complete and this can be done in the books we sent home on Friday. Children should complete three hours of Maths, three hours of English, all the RE task and three hours of foundation subject work over the next two weeks. Some children may like to do more, some children may find this difficult to do so please just take it as guidance. This is going to be new for everybody involved, parents, children and teachers. Have fun with them and don't worry if you feel they are not doing enough.  Use this time as an opportunity to do things you wouldn't ordinarily have time to do - bake a cake, play a game, read books, go outside, research something they are interested in above all enjoy it! 

There are links below to the home learning grids and there is a grid for each of the core subjects and one for the foundation subjects. I have also attached a list of helpful websites. 

Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE lesson at 9.00 - what a great way to start your day together!

White Rose Maths have put together a daily maths lesson which consists of a video that you can watch together and then a worksheet for the children to complete. Click here to access the lessons. If you do not have access to a printer just record the answers straight into the home learning book. These videos are simple and short for the children and support them with their current learning. 

If you are struggling with anything, just want to chat about what the children are doing or want to send me any photos of what they children are doing please email me [email protected]

Spellings to be learnt this week:

Mrs Menzies' group: rose, slope, joke, home, phone, globe, alone, smoke, bone, cone 

Miss Wilkinson's group: bike, kite, five, smile, bride, spine, prize, dive, alive, divide 

Please try and learn these spellings with your child. They all contain a split digraph either o-e or i-e. Ask children to write them into sentences which will help check their understanding of the words. 

English Home Learning 

Maths Home learning 

Topic Home Learning

Additional Home Learning Activities

Useful Websites

Messages and Key Dates: 

Book Week 2020

Well done to the children on their fantastic book t-shirts. It was a great way to share our favourite stories and start some discussions about different books we like and why.   

We finished book week off with a bang by dressing up as book characters. The children looked fantastic and had a great time talking about their favourite books and characters. In the afternoon we also made dioramas of our favourite books which look amazing! 

Beaumanor Victorian Day

The children had a fabulous Victorian Day at Beaumanor Hall. They experienced how hard Victorian life was in schools and for servants. They had to wash, iron and fold clothes and dress the rich children. They also went into a Victorian Classroom where they were taught copperplate writing and maths. 

During the afternoon they had a tour around the Manor House and played with Victorian toys.  Thank you to all the parents for their superb effort with costumes and Victorian lunches. 

  Kings and Queens

The children had a fantastic day being royalty. We learnt about coats of arms and what the different symbols mean. We learnt a royal dance and made some royal biscuits. Thank you to all the parents who helped with costumes, the children looked brilliant.

Book Week 2020 

Well done to the children on their fantastic book t-shirts. It was a great way to share our favourite stories and start some discussions about different books we like and why. 

Lent 1 and 2 Topic - Kings and Queens

During Lent 1 and 2 our whole school topic will be linked to kings and queens. We will begin by thinking about a timeline and what this would look like for our own lives. We will then move on and begin thinking about the royal family and family tree. Next we will look at Queen Victoria before finally finishing our topic looking at the lives of the Victorians and how this compares to our own lives. 

Click here to view our project map for more information. 

Click here for a knowledge organiser which shows all the information we are hopeful the children will learn.

Advent 1 and 2 Topic - The World in Our Hands

During advent 1 and 2 our whole school topic will be linked to our environment around us. We will begin by thinking about our school environment, then our local environment before thinking about the UK and the seas around it. We will be going on a trip to Hunstanton to visit the Sealife Centre and learn about plastic in the sea and ocean. Click here to view our project map for more information. 

Click here for a knowledge organiser which shows all the information we are hopeful the children will learn.

Sunny Hunny 

Despite the weather the children in year 1 and 2 had a fantastic day at Hunstanton visiting the Sealife centre and taking part in a beach clean!

The children got the chance to touch a real starfish and crab during the rock pool experience and then we had lots of time to explore the Sealife Center. They saw lots of animals including Eddie the turtle, seals, penguins and lots of fish. 

After lunch we all went down to the beach and looked for rubbish during our beach clean. The children had a fabulous time exploring the beach and finding lots of different things during their clean.


See our slide show modelling our eco superhero costumes! 

We had some great costumes using recycled materials and thinking about what they can do to look after their environment to be a superhero. 

Give it Back Afternoon

The children in year 1 and 2 had a super afternoon giving back to their school environment. The children have been looking at their immediate environment as part of their topic 'The World in Our Hands'. The children have been working to develop ideas linked to how they would like to improve the school.

As part of their homework children were asked to produce something which we could add to improve the environment. Children produced a range of items including: bug hotels, bird feeders, decorative stones and plant pots. 

The children did lots of jobs including cleaning, weeding and sorting to improve our outdoor area. Everyone had a fun-filled time and got stuck in. 

Pirate ships spotted at English Martyrs

After being inspired by play of Treasure Island, year 1 decided to design and make some pirate ships. We used a range of junk modelling materials including cardboard and plastic to build them and then we tested them out on the water to see whose would float and make a good ship. 

Luckily there was plenty of water about after all the rain we have had! 

Must do at home, please: (reviewed termly) 

Please ensure children are reading at least 3 times a week at home and that this is recorded in their reading record.

Click here for a link to our phonics knowledge organiser for parents.

Please use this bookmark your children have to support their reading. Click here to view online.

There is also a useful booklet to help support your child's reading at home here.

Homework Expectations – Year 1 Homework will be set every Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Pupils are expected to complete all set tasks. Work in their homework books is expected to be of the same standard as work in school, with neat handwriting, diagrams in pencil and care take to include appropriate punctuation and good spelling.House points will be awarded for good work each week.

Children are expected to be able to read and spell these words by the end of year 1. 

Additional ways to support your child/book lists:

Please click here for worksheets to help with formation of letters to practice with your child at home. 

Please follow this link which will take you through to the Oxford Owls website which gives a good overview of what to expect in year 1.