Prayers are said throughout the day by both children and staff across the whole school. We encourage the children to know the following prayers from memory:

Sign of the Cross

Hail Mary

Our Father

Morning and Evening Prayers

Prayers before and after meals

Simple responses at Mass

Act of Contrition (KS2)

Angelus (KS2)

Eternal Rest (KS2)

Please see our Traditional Prayer Pocket Guide for examples of some traditional Catholic Prayers.

The Diocese have provided us with some lovely prayers for this time of worry at home.

You may like to say these prayers with your families.

Please see our Collective Worship Pocket Guide

Here you can see a guide of items used in Mass.

Here is a guide to Mass responses and commentary.


Click here to view the Diocean Youth Service for schools

Pope Francis

You can follow Pope Francis For daily tweets/prayers and inspiration on Twitter here

School Chaplain

We have a named school Chaplain, Mrs Topping. Our school chaplain leads collective worship and liturgies across the school, liaising closely with our diocesan lead lay chaplain, the diocese and our parish.

Mrs Topping also works very closely with Our Little Lights team of children. These children are our chaplaincy team in school and they lead collective worship on a regular basis, they work closely with the prayer leaders in each classroom to help inspire them with ideas for class liturgies. They also help to lead activities with our younger children teaching them about the values from the Gospel.