Supporting your child at home

Reading – Please read with your child as often as possible, ideally every day. We like the children to really get to know the story before we move on to the next one so take time to talk through the story in lots of different ways. Maybe one evening they could read to you and the following night you read to them. Developing a knowledge of story structure is really important so even if they are not reading words yet, talking to them about what is happening at the beginning, middle and end is helpful. Making predictions is also an important skill so asking the children about what they think might happen before you turn the page is also great.

We read with the children in lots of different ways in class. This may be in small groups or one to one, as part of a lesson or as part of the provision in the classroom. We will change books once a week.

A rhyme is taught with each new letter. These rhymes are helpful not only to remember the sound but also the formation of the letter. the children love them and may remember the rhyme before they fully recognise the letter.